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Brittany Acres

Machine fabrication – fabricate tumblers for the food industry

Brockington Plaza Inc.

Mobile welding – installation of wrought iron work in front entrance of shopping mall.

Canada Pallet Corporation

Miscellaneous repairs – fabrication and repairs to pallet producing machines.

Akzo Nobel (Casco Nobel)

Security – fabrication of security cages for storage areas.

CCS Multi-Trade

Fabrication – miscellaneous structural steel work (platforms, staircase and lean to’s)

Fabrication of 77,000 lb. injection mold skids for the automotive


"I highly recommend EX-LL for any custom welding and fabrication"

Custom Carrier Specialists

Fabrication – fabrication of 12,000 lb. Tilt and Load carriers for the rental industry.

CJC Bottling

Fabrication – fabrication of miscellaneous stainless steel equipment for the spring water bottling industry.

Crane Canada

Fabrication – install industrial piping in hopper area.

"They presented themselves with pride and professionalism.  I would be proud to have any of your people work in our factory."

GE Plastics Canada

Fabrication – fabrication of miscellaneous stainless steel hoppers for the plastic industry.

Lakeridge Precision Inc.

Fabrication – fabrication of industrial type sewing machines and aluminum reactor air headers.

Limpact International

Fabrication – fabrication of explosive welding jigs, robotic welding jigs and miscellaneous line equipment.

"A reliable contact source for many of our jigs and fixtures"

Town of Cobourg – Water Pollution Control

Installation – fabricate and install 8" stainless steel tube from primary digester tank and miscellaneous stainless steel pipe welding.


Fabrication - fabrication of structural steel for fall arrest system.




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Last modified: December 13, 2004